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My Story

Our mission is simple. To help our clients look good and feel even better.

The hair care specialist and trichologist was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts. Alexia better known as the hair guru aka the hair whisper has had a passion for hair and beauty since birth. At the age of 26 she opened her very 1st Hair Salon called Alexandria’s hair gallery in the community of Mattapan in Massachusetts .

The hair educator believes strongly in continued education in the field of science and the human body, because she believes it’s all connected. She has that proven in her research over the years of styling hair.

The trail blazer has been serving women and men for over 30 plus years providing stellar hair care services and using her magic hands as her clients call them along with her Heavenly Treasures hair line products to grow hundreds of women and men’s hair to be strong and healthy.

Alexia is known for her love and care for the cosmetology industry as well as her community, she is a set proclaim perfectionist when it comes to her craft. Alexia has served all ethnicities with all different hair types in textures which is her specialty.

Throughout the years always sharpening her skills in continued education on the hair and scalp she has developed in crafted Heavenly Treasures 5 step treatment masque. Often humorously referred to as the hair medicine ,by her beloved clients which is tried and true for over 20 plus years, in fact has produced some of the healthiest and luscious manes in the state of Massachusetts.

Alexia has trained many master stylist in Massachusetts that has gone on to open their own establishments and become leading entrepreneurs in our community along with being a celebrity go to stylist.

– Alexia Malcolm

Important Update

$50 Consultation Fee

All NEW clients are charged a $50 consultation fee with their selected service. The consultation is needed to assess all hair needs before initiating the service.
If you have any addition question, please contact the salon.

T: 617-620-9254